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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation
Home Blog 5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation
14 Dec 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Winter is in full effect, but summer is fast approaching, and you are yearning for a time when you can finally have your long-awaited vacation. Before leaving, however, you will need to think of what will happen to the condition of your pool. While you are away, you won’t be able to stop it from turning into a pit of mold, which makes it look pitiful once you return.

That said, here are five effective ways to ensure the cleanliness of your pool while you are away so that it remains safe for swimming once you return.

  1. Have someone check your pool

Pools require regular human intervention for maintenance and cleaning. Ask a friend or a neighbor to visit your house occasionally and perform basic maintenance tasks for your pool like raking leaves with a net, emptying the skimmer baskets, and washing the sand filter. You can even ask them to test the water. On the other hand, you can request the services of a swimming pool cleaning company that has adequate training in keeping your pool and the water spotless.

  1. Place cleaning chemicals

It’s best to ask someone knowledgeable about swimming pools because mixing the incorrect amount of chemicals that can spell trouble for water cleanliness. Incorrect backwashing can damage the filters or drain the pool water. If you can’t find anyone available, seek the assistance of a professional pool cleaning company in attending to your pool.

  1. Install a pump timer

If you don’t have one yet, have a timer installed before you go on vacation so that it can regulate the pump. Having this device in place saves you money instead of having your pump switched on for an entire day. Let your pump run for 12 hours or overnight if you will benefit from differential tariff wherein you pay the same energy rates in the morning and a lower rate at night.

  1. Check your water before you leave

Ensure that your pool’s chemistry is perfect before leaving. Checking the water will help those who will keep an eye on your pool and gives it the best chance of maintaining its ideal condition. Assess the water’s total chlorine, free chlorine, pH base, and alkalinity to avoid imbalances that can spell severe trouble. You must also check the salinity of saltwater pools and the hardness of the calcium content to avoid concerns while you are away.

  1. Clean before you go

Aside from balancing the pool’s chemicals, you must remove any debris or dirt before you leave. Ensure that the pool water is sparkling before you go and place a net above to prevent any unwanted leaves or debris from falling into the water.

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