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16 Oct 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

5 Reasons to Start a Weekly Pool Pump Maintenance

Having a pool is a luxury, not only because it affords you to bring people in and socialize, but it also allows you to have space to be healthy, fit, and beautiful. Having one brings so many wonders to the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of every person who gets to enjoy it. Swiming can […]
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10 Oct 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

A Guide to Cleaning Your Swimming Pool Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles are installed by the edge of your pool where the water meets the line. Cleaning this is one of your responsibilities as a swimming pool owner. Over time, calcium deposits and natural stains accumulate on the edges, leaving a weird ring around the waterline. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are crucial if you […]
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24 Sep 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Closing Your Pool Down For The Winter

There are months that you will not be using your swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, such as during the winter. There is a right way to do winterizing or pool closing, and this is important because closing too soon or too late can lead to problems. When you do it too early, there’s a […]
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17 Sep 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Pool Maintenance 101 – 6 Different Types of Pool Cleaners You Can Use

Owning a swimming pool is such a nice thing—you can take a swim anytime you want, level up your hosting of a party, and keep yourself cool during the summer. Those are all fun—until you have to clean it. While you can hire professionals to clean and maintain your pool, at some point, you still […]
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03 Sep 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Basic Pool Supplies That a Pool Owner Needs to Have!

Your pool is more than just an oversized version of your bathtub. It requires equipment, tools, and supplies for its care and upkeep. Pool owners in Florida who have already been keeping their pools for a long time would probably have some of these essential materials. First-time owners need to look for these supplies as […]
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19 Aug 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Our Tips For Cleaning a Green Pool

There’s nothing more annoying than jumping into a pool, only to find that it’s a green pool. But what exactly is a green pool? It’s a pool that has been overtaken by algae. When you have a green pool, that means a wide variety of aquatic plants have started to invade every nook and cranny […]
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19 Aug 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

How to Extend Your Pool’s Life – Pool cleaning 101

It’s great to have a swimming pool at home. You can swim in it all you want, all year round, particularly during summer. A swimming pool is a luxury, which means not every home has one. If yours does, you should take good care of it with regular maintenance and cleaning. Doing so will not […]
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12 Aug 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Cleaning and Maintaining Different Pool Filter Types

When you splash around in your swimming pool during the summer, you will leave behind a ton of debris that your filter will pick up from the water. Your pool filter plays a crucial role in keeping its water free of debris and impurities, soy you need to keep it clean and well maintained. When […]
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30 Jul 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Be Wary! Here’s How Humidity Affects Indoor Pools.

It’s crucial that you clean and maintain your indoor pool regularly. It’s better to swim in a crystal-clear pool, doesn’t stink, and won’t trigger your allergies. But an indoor pool ought to be protected from algae growth, metallic stains, falling leaves, dust, and other debris. One common problem with indoor pools is the increase in […]
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19 Jul 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

3 Ways to Sanitize Your Pool Without Chlorine Risks.

Besides the middle of the winter solstice, any season is the time where families and friends can relax, unwind, and dip in the pool to beat the heat of the sun. In that regard, swimming pools bring along tan lines and fun times. Still, with the number of people jumping in and out, it can […]
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