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How to Maintain Your Pool During the Winter
Home Blog How to Maintain Your Pool During the Winter
08 Mar 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

When winter time comes around, the pool in your background goes untouched.  Let’s face it, who actually wants to clean the pool during the winter…you can’t just abandon the pool in hopes to enjoy it as soon as the weather warms up without any maintenance.

So to save you from expensive repairs and a world of hurt, here are a few tips on how to take care of your pool when the weather it’s cold outside:

Use a Pool Cover

The cold hits some areas more severely than others, which means that those in locations where snow and hail is practically a daily occurrence need to take special care to protect their pools. You need to make sure that your pool is completely secured all around so that there is no space for snow, debris, or small animals to climb in. Other than purchasing a pool cover and making sure that you use it, however, you will need to maintain the cover itself.

If you have an above ground pool, make sure that you install an air pillow underneath it. This will prevent damage to your pool walls and cover when a considerable amount of rain, snow, and ice is present. If you have an inground pool, you should place water blocks or bags around the pool edges so that the pool cover stays in place without blowing off or ripping apart. Moreover, when debris like leaves and twigs gather on the cover, make sure that you remove them with the help of a hose or a vacuum. If snow gathers, use a rake to remove it while it’s still fresh.

When you leave things to gather on your cover, the weight can accumulate and cause damage. It’s best to get rid of it promptly to ensure that your pool cover stays in the best condition possible.

Inspect Your Pool Parts Regularly

Even though you may not be using your pool during the winter, it’s still necessary to check the parts from time to time. By doing this, not only will the parts keep running smoothly, but you will save a considerable amount of money by not having to fix them or buy new ones when you intend to use your pool again. The parts that you should be inspecting regularly are the pool pump, filter, and heater. Another thing that you have to keep an eye out for is any water accumulating inside the parts, seeing as cold water can freeze and result in cracks in the pipes. If you don’t know how to maintain your pool parts, make sure that you get a pool professional to help.

Check the Pool Chemistry

Even during the winter, most people neglect to completely drain their pool water. This is fine, but you have to make sure that your pool chemistry is balanced in order to keep algae, bacteria, waterlines, and contamination at bay. To avoid a dirty and contaminated pool, you should check the pool chemistry every two months and get rid of any chemicals from the last season. Old chemicals lose their potency so there’s no point keeping them. Also, using an enzyme product will save you some time scrubbing the pool because it will prevent water lines and keep it from getting contaminated.

Be Aware of Upcoming Weather Conditions

Knowledge is power. Want to keep your pool in good condition? Make sure that you are on the loop with regard to the weather conditions. Nowadays, there are many weather forecast applications to tell you when the weather gets dangerous. Once that you know when the temperatures will be dropping, get ready to prepare your pool to ensure that you can enjoy it when swimsuit weather rolls around again.

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