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30 Jul 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

Be Wary! Here’s How Humidity Affects Indoor Pools.

It’s crucial that you clean and maintain your indoor pool regularly. It’s better to swim in a crystal-clear pool, doesn’t stink, and won’t trigger your allergies. But an indoor pool ought to be protected from algae growth, metallic stains, falling leaves, dust, and other debris. One common problem with indoor pools is the increase in […]
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19 Jul 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

3 Ways to Sanitize Your Pool Without Chlorine Risks.

Besides the middle of the winter solstice, any season is the time where families and friends can relax, unwind, and dip in the pool to beat the heat of the sun. In that regard, swimming pools bring along tan lines and fun times. Still, with the number of people jumping in and out, it can […]
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