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Why You Should Have a Professional Clean Your Pool vs DIY.
Home Blog Why You Should Have a Professional Clean Your Pool vs DIY.
28 May 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

When pool owners think of pool cleaning, they obviously believe they can do it themselves. After all, if they can clean their bathrooms, why not their swimming pool? It should save them money if they do it themselves but, is it really the case?

Hiring a professional pool cleaning team would save you money

It seems counter-intuitive to think that hiring a team of professionals to clean your pool for you would save you money. Indeed, it would save you time, but money? You might find it unthinkable.

But pool cleaning is not as simple a task as cleaning your house. You have to get debris out of the water without draining the pool, and that debris includes floating silt-sized particles that you may not see. You have to treat the water before it goes to the drain. The pool’s filters need to be replaced, and the chemistry of the pool water needs to be tested. All of these tasks require the skill and expertise of a professional, something that you have to admit you may not have. If you attempt any of these tasks yourself, you can make costly mistakes. Such mistakes would invariably result in you hiring someone to repair what you ruined.

A professional cleaning team would also ensure that the water in your pool has the right balance of chlorine. Too much chlorine can irritate the skin, while too little can make the pool an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. You must get the balance of chlorine right to protect the health of everyone who uses your pool. If you hire a professional pool cleaner, you can avoid any health problems that could be caused by bacteria in the water of your pool. This, in turn, will save you thousands in medical bills.

Chemical imbalances in the pool’s water can also damage the surface and plumbing of the pool. Avoid corrosion and leaks with proper preventative maintenance.

Your pool also has mechanical parts such as the pump and motor. A professional should handle the cleaning of those components to avoid damage to them. A professional would also be able to identify potential issues with your swimming pool, fixing these issues early with often save you money. 

Hire a professional pool cleaner for consistent cleaning schedules

Cleaning your pool once a year won’t do. So if you have a busy work schedule or other commitments to attend to, you might not have enough to commit to a regular pool cleaning schedule. Letting a professional do it for you will ensure that your pool gets cleaned regularly without you having to lift a single finger. If something is not right, you have the liberty to call them back to get it fixed.

Have peace of mind when you hire a professional

We have mentioned it before, but hiring a professional will keep you from worrying about making mistakes and forgetting cleaning schedules. Rely on these people to make your pool a safe and beautiful place to swim in. They will give you your money’s worth by keeping your pool well-maintained, which in turn will provide you with more time to spend with friends and family. Peace of mind is worth more than what you think you will save if you go the DIY route in terms of pool cleaning.

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