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Your Guide To Essential Pool Cleaning Equipment!
Home Blog Your Guide To Essential Pool Cleaning Equipment!
14 Mar 2019  /  by Digital1010   /   0 Comments

It is most people’s dream to have a private pool in their backyard.

If you are lucky enough to have your own pool, then you probably try to keep it in pristine condition.

After all, what’s the point of having a beautiful pool if you can’t even swim in it?

When you are in a rush, the idea of randomly dumping chlorine and other cleaning agents into your pool may have crossed your mind. However, this is a lazy solution – and a pretty ineffective one at that.

While chlorine and other chemicals can keep your water and the surfaces of your pool clean, they cannot keep debris, leaves, and bugs out of the water and mixing the wrong chemicals in the wrong doses is a recipe for disaster.

In order to clean your pool thoroughly, you will need some specific pool cleaning tools. It is crucial that you have all the tools that you need on hand before you start cleaning.

Here is a quick list of some of the most essential equipment for keeping your pool clean:

Telescopic Poles

A telescopic pole is one tool that will make your cleaning experience that much more pleasant. It allows you to attach all sorts of cleaning tools to the end of a pole, including skimmer nets and vacuum heads. A telescopic pole can also be adjusted to different lengths as well. The best length to purchase is an 8-foot pole that is extendable to 16 feet. This is so that you can extend the length to thoroughly clean the walls and the floor of your pool without much difficulty.

Skimmer Nets

Another necessity for pool cleaning is a skimmer net. This can be attached to a telescopic pole to collect all the leaves, bugs, twigs, and other debris on and below the pool water’s surface. There are two main types of skimmer nets for you to choose from, including a bag skimmer and a flat skimmer. A bag skimmer is able to hold more debris, but you will have a harder time empty it, especially when it is wet. Thus, you should go for a flat skimmer as it is much easier to shake off the debris collected from the pool. Moreover, you should choose a skimmer net that is durable enough to last for years. You don’t want to waste money on cheap skimmer nets that will break easily. It is highly recommended that you use your skimming net to skim your pool every day so that the debris won’t sink and accumulate at the bottom of your pool.

Pool Brushes

Pool brush is another tool that can be attached to a telescopic pole. This allows you to easily scrub the walls and floor of your pool, thus removing dirt and getting rid of algae before it grows.


As we noted earlier chemicals are probably the most essential tool when keeping your pool clean and while you can dose your pool, it is our recommendation to hire a professional.

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